sydney krantz is: she/her, an image maker, artist, problem-solver, founder of creative species, and currently studying to be a full-stack developer. she hails from northern nj, and resides in los angeles where she somehow survives daily life despite her avocado allergy. she graduated massachusetts college of art + design with a bfa in photography and has an extensive background in both film and digital photography. she is interested in the concept of "reality", altering those states, and how the perception of the world varies - from human to human, or species to species. her work is surreal and conceptual, often using color to abstract the scene, bringing the viewer into a different realm and space. 

listening to: my winter playlist

reading: stephen king’s dark tower series

photo assisted for: micaiah carter, dove shore, brian graf, bethany vargas, alex welsh, carmen chan, jay hanna

published:  booooooom, ignant, humble arts foundation, oranbeg press, medium, pacific dissent, feature shoot, don’t take pictures, undo magazine, fameless quarterly

select clients: vans, net-a-porter, mr. porter, the outnet, common co-living, lauren wills design, reprise activewear, sow eden, kad publicity, tribeca grain, sona weaver